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Photo of Jeffrey Courion Jeffrey Courion is the Founder and Director of Power of Story. At a very early age, he sensed the vital importance of what would become his life's work. Being the young child of a single parent who was a journalist, his after-school day care was a bustling newsroom of international teletypes and hard-crusted correspondents who exposed him, face to face, to the raw realities of human conditions and world issues - and to major figures whose leadership and sense of democratic civics captivated a generation's vision. Repeatedly, he witnessed and deeply internalized how the power of effective communication was achieved - and when fused with the expression of story played a governing role in shaping the perceptions and living practices of humanity.

He saw how its inspiring energies helped people connect, engage and build common ground. He experienced how stories transform visions into effective strategies and fulfilling realities. It's no wonder that such real-world influences would result in Power of Story's creation - and the essential role it now plays the lives of individuals and organizations.

Jeffrey is retained as a trusted advisor to executives and organizations on matters of visionary leadership, governance, and communication development. He's an engaging workshop facilitator -- and a dynamic speaker whose insights and engaging presence inspire audiences on deep levels. His 25 years of pioneering work on developing the dynamics of visionary and strategic leadership, human communication and authentic exchange has also resulted in his being named a faculty member by the University of California at Los Angeles. His classes are filled to capacity and receive the highest ratings by the University and participants. A recent, in-depth review of his courses by a board of ten of the leading United States' business enterprises unanimously recommended to the University that his courses be mandatory toward graduation.

His past service includes work as:

    An organizational and communication skills specialist for major enterprises

An award-winning newswriter and producer for ABC and KABC News

    A Los Angeles County Delinquency & Crime Commissioner
    A public policy advisor to the Governor of California
    A legislative analyst for local governments
    A Los Angeles City Council Aide whose specialty was intergovernmental relations, cultural affairs and community relations
    A mediator of issues related to cultural diversity retained by organizations and the Los Angeles City Attorney's Office
    An actor in live theater and voiceover work

Jeffrey is a Political Science graduate of UCLA where he engaged in honor studies in the dynamics of human communication and issues regarding the democratic governance and administration of public policy, public law and justice. He has also completed the "Management Development Program: Leading & Managing Change" at the UCLA's Anderson Graduate School of Management.

His work has been featured and published by numerous professional associations including the National Organization Development Network, the World Business Academy, the American Society for Training & Development, the Constitutional Rights Foundation and the Noetic Sciences Institute, and a variety of professional human resources, leadership, and conflict resolution associations.

Jeffrey's life is also that of a husband and father, an adventurous cook, a joyful gardener, a very passionate road cyclist, a student of classical, folk and jazz composition, and the practices of Aikido. He is a lover of theater, art, poetry and metaphor, rich conversation, mythology, and the diverse landscapes of human culture and - he holds a high regard for the deep truths of life as revealed to us by the forces and dimensions of wilderness and nature.