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"Story is the mind's imaginative and rational process for problem solving. It is the force that profoundly shapes the internal lens through which we see ourselves and our worlds. It is an answer to the human search for life's identity and resolution. This only begins to address the insight of why along with humor, story is the shortest distance between people.

Its healing and transformative effects are enlightening and remarkably empowering. Its expressive form creates social and psychological connection. Its resonating powers speak directly and empathetically to hearts and minds in ways that build common ground. It brings meaning and purpose to our individual and collective lives.

Through the dimensions of light and shadow, story is the mind's best explanation for the questions of "how" and "why." As such, it is humanity's reason for all things being or not being.

At this point in our individual and collective journey, story is our best ability to transform what we perceive as the mystery of our universe's dark, chaotic abyss into some relative sense of human order." This is what makes story our finest, creative and integrative attempt -- and grandest, expressive wish for knowledge, wisdom, understanding and light.

- Jeffrey Courion -

Our Purpose:  "Awakening people and enterprises to engage and live the greater possibilities that reside within themselves."
Logo Who are we...what do we do?

Power of Story is the result of over 25 years of pioneering work developing effective, human communication and exchange. We are a dynamic service that teaches, counsels, and facilitates an understanding of self and the processes people use to interpret and expressively relate to others and life experiences.

It's by using this framework that we help individuals, groups, and enterprises develop and apply the real-world communication and presentation skills that build confidence and establish authentic connection. This process is what truly sets the stage for creating the visions and strategies that determine the future directions of individuals and enterprises.

It's in this light that we also present insightful speaking engagements that touch the hearts and minds of audiences in direct, profound, and sustainable ways.

We've worked with thousands of people reflecting diverse, professional and ethnic cultures from all over the world. We're retained by major enterprises and world-class universities. We would like to explore the possibilities of working with you!




Why is "Power of Story" our name?

Regardless of your profession, every trade requires daily presentation of some story.

We call ourselves Power of Story because of what real-world experience has taught us. We have spent a lifetime working, studying and examining the dynamic, internal forces that influence the diverse actions and expression of humanity.

If you pay close attention, you will see that what accounts for much of human perception, action, and choice is determined and shaped by the transformative and influential power of a story.

How we are impressed by story: The stories we embrace shape the psychological lens through which we interpret ourselves and the world.

Why we express story: Story is the social process humanity uses to connect to the outer world. Therefore, no matter what artistic, professional, or technological name it's given - human expression is simply a form of storytelling.


When our expression is validated, we achieve a collaborative connection. If our expression is invalidated, we face conflicted connection. Either way, it's all connection!

And when it's conflicted, further communication and dialogue is the process that helps to achieve deeper understanding and potentially transform division into a shared appreciation for the differences.

It's this same "power of story" that shapes institutional and organizational entities, their strategic visions, and the styles of their governance.

Helping people and enterprises recognize this influential and transformative power is one aspect of our work - the other is guiding them to effectively apply it!


Our Process:  We inspire and facilitate vital turning points in the lives of people and enterprises!
Logo How do we work?

It's plain and simple: We establish a meaningful foundation of self-awareness. Then, we inspire confidence into which we develop effective, engaging self-expression that builds authentic forms of connection and relations!

WE TEACH AND FACILITATE in highly engaging, supportive, and interactive settings where learning and development is real-world, not contrived. Skills that are imparted must be rigorously applied and clearly demonstrated by participants under diverse circumstances and challenging requirements. So, learning and growth is truly creative and necessarily experiential rather than simply theoretical. Our work unfolds in three stages:

We help people and enterprises get in touch with the depths of their stories. This opening step launches self-awareness of the internal forces that motivate and hinder us -- and influence the choices we make. Authentic recognition is a solid, first step. We facilitate that recognition in a supportive and empathetic manner.

WE ACTIVATE: Next, we engage in supportive and interactive learning processes that develop the application of creative skills that build genuine confidence and enable effective, expression that results in authentic connection. Activating powerful aspects of a previously, unrecognized or under-confident part of self is inspiring and exciting work! But isn't applying new-found parts of the self with confidence the very turning point that makes for some of the richest of life's moments and stories?

WE MOTIVATE: Then, we guide and inspire people and enterprises to reach out and connect by creatively and effectively presenting themselves, and the stories they have to tell, to the world.




We help people and enterprises...

    Build quality relations;
    Discover the depths of their stories and how they link to the way they and their organizations present themselves

Express themselves, as themselves, more confidently;

    Effectively reach out, bridge, and authentically connect themselves with others;
    Articulate and express ideas with empathy and clarity;
    Harmonize expression with intention;
    Face challenging and rapid-fire inquiry with competence and open, self-assuredness;
    Organize narratives and presentations that create deeper understanding;
    Develop and apply analogy and story as a way to establish common ground and relations;
    Face and work through conflict and issues of projection.

Now, to our specific services...