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Our Services:  Courses and Seminars - Individual and Group Consultations - Speaking Engagements

Power of Story takes an inside-out approach to all its work. All our services and processes begin the same way -- fostering self-awareness. We supportively dialogue and interactively explore with people how they assess themselves and their current abilities.

Then, we embark on guiding and inspiring people to expand, experiment, and apply creative skill sets that help them actualize their greater, expressive potential. Here, the joy of discovery actually unfolds as people grow beyond their former selves. They shed notions of having to depend on "performance" by finding that confident, authentic presence is what makes for real, meaningful connection.

Our work is frequently described as "a challenging, transformative journey". So many people have claimed it to be some of "the most rewarding work" of their lives.

Our services aren't about training people in how to become "performers" in forums of public speaking. We don't weigh people down with conventional methods of presentation techniques, that actually erode human confidence as people feel the additional burdens of having to fulfill and comply with further contrived "success" models and rules that promise results. We're about creating what makes "real-world" differences - confident and authentic presence that creates clarity and authentic relations.




Courses and Seminars

Overview Presentation and Communication Skills Course
For groups of 6-10 participants. Provides a basic, comprehensive "real world" skill set that enables you to learn how to effectively communicate and present yourself in an unlimited number of diverse settings and professional arenas. All skill sets are guided and incorporate the following Power of Story principles:
    Choose presence over performance
    Build confidence
    Apply influence over making impact
    Achieve clarity and understanding
    Create meaningful connection
    Cultivate creativity
    Be empathetic
    Remain centered and sustain focus
    Deliver your message sincerely and yourself lightly
Presentation and Communication Skills for Non-Native Speaking People

This class is designed to address the particular disciplinary needs and interests of anyone who has complex stories and uses technical language in his/her communication, such as engineers, scientists, physicians, and attorneys. Participants will learn how to take dry, technical presentations and transform them into dynamic stories that have a sense of meaning and context. Through story narrative and the use of metaphor, they will learn how to achieve crystal clarity and simplicity and create high quality connection.

Presentation and Communication Skills for Non-Native Speaking People

This course helps participants effectively present themselves and provides skill sets specifically designed to overcome barriers and challenges associated with being a non-native speaker/communicator. Participants learn to grasp elements of universal human expression that promote understanding. The result is a confident communicator who is truly equipped to face a world where multiculturalism is becoming ever more common.

Presentation and Communication Skills for Non-Native Speaking People

How do you advocate for your position in the face of intense opposition from multiple constituencies? The key is to create a story in which people see themselves and their interests being served by new ideas that are co-created. By building a point of common ground, all parties can confidently work together to create situations in which everyone plays a part. In addition, this important course will provide you with skills and processes enabling you to successfully respond - not react - to heated inquiries and exchanges.

Presentation and Communication Skills for Non-Native Speaking People

Information is empowering but story is what captures and inspires creativity and transformation on intellectual and emotional levels. This course enables you to create meaningful visions that go beyond the slogans and placards on the wall, that truly engage people to work towards a higher purpose and common goal.

Depth Seminars

We provide advanced and in-depth skill building in:

    Challenging, rapid-fire question and answer sessions
    Advocacy based presentations
    Building the Common Ground (simplifying the complex and abstract)
    Dynamic delivery of typically "dry" presentations
    Effective organization of presentation and narrative




Executive, Individual and Group Consultations

We serve as trusted advisors to executives and groups on matters of effective communication and presentation development and delivery, vision and strategic development, and action plan development and roll-out.

In addition, we offer private presentation and communication development consultations for an individual's or a group's specific requirements.

We serve as teachers of dispute resolution and mediators who foster listening and understanding in situations where communication patterns and processes cause division and conflict - and where cross-cultural merger and integration pose pre-conceived projections - as well as individual and collective dispute.




Speaking Engagements

We have created and deliver an inspiring and thought-provoking presentation series that truly engages the hearts and minds of audiences on the dynamic and diverse manner that story and its powerful influence plays in the functional and dysfunctional aspects of individual, cultural, and organizational life.

These presentations are regarded as forceful and remarkable as they address profound themes that bring universal wisdom to the conditions and circumstances we face. They stir penetrating insight and inspire thoughtful action -- all toward promoting a greater, thriving individual and organizational life.

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